Opening up new directions

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When I joined My Big Adventure I had just come out of an adolescent mental health clinic for depression. I had been unable to start school or work and rarely saw any of my old friends. I had lost a lot of confidence and spent most days at home alone. MBA helped me gain a lot of my confidence and even the first few walks made a big difference to my mood. When we went abseiling, something I never thought I could do, I realised that the kinds of activities and trips that I had done had been things I really loved.

I had a new hobby, a new passion, which gave me something to enjoy. I now go walking almost every day and overall I feel much better about myself. I am also much fitter and have regained a lot of the social skills and abilities I had before I fell ill.

This new found love has encouraged me to pursue a career in outdoor activities, opening up new pathways that I hadn’t seen and giving me an alternative to a return to academia – which I had tried to get back into but struggled with.

I will remember my time with MBA fondly. The experiences of jumping into a chasm while belayed by a rope tied to a tree, struggling to paddle through torrential rain in Scotland and then watching the rain suddenly clear to form three rainbows simultaneously all around the boats, then pressing on into even more rain…because why not?

I am very grateful to the MBA Team for everything they have done for me and I always will be.

A. July 2013

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