Adventure Therapy for Children and Young People

Integrating talking therapy, adventure and wilderness therapy and learning outdoors to make a difference

My Big Adventure (MBA) is a social enterprise specialised in improving the engagement of young people with learning, developing their interpersonal skills and building their self-confidence by using outdoor activities therapeutically. Established in 2010 with roots back to 1988, it delivers highly personalised interventions to equip young people to believe in themselves and to want to achieve. MBA goes beyond the traditional use of outdoors activities for ‘character building’ by integrating aspects of Solution-Focused Therapy, Adventure Therapy and Experiential Education.

Much of our work is with

• School pupils giving low priority to education due to crisis in their lives.
• Families wanting to bond better to improve relationships.
• Young people in care missing out on education.
• Young people at risk

The Adventure Therapy Company provides training and Adventure Therapy for adults: profits from this work go towards helping My Big Adventure CIC. To find out more click here.